History of West Englewood a Neighborhood in Englewood, NJ

The neighborhood of West Englewood in Englewood NJ is a primarily residential area with single-family homes. The history of the community dates back to 1912 when several businesses and residences were constructed there, including the building for a company that eventually became General Electric (GE). A small amusement park was also built on this side of town by GE, but it closed down after only six years due to lack of patronage.

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East Englewood was part of New Jersey’s first planned industrial city and home to factories belonging to companies such as Heinz, Campbell Soup Company, and Nabisco Brands Corporation. Residential construction occurred during World War I as major public housing projects were undertaken alongside private developments aimed at middle class buyers looking for suburban living.

Association of West Englewood Residents: In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a number of residents in this community became very concerned about crime rates in their neighborhood as well as the lack of amenities for children to enjoy on weekends. The Association was formed with three goals – reduce crime by improving police patrol services, provide recreation activities for youth and adults, and improve safety standards around public housing projects so that they become places where people want to live rather than just those who can’t afford anything else. They achieved success with all these objectives!

Today there are many more recreational opportunities available including baseball fields, basketball courts, football games held at local high schools. The Association of West Englewood Residents is an active group that continues to assist the community in a number of ways which include organizing blood drives and holiday events.