History of West Orange a Neighborhood in Orange, NJ

West Orange was originally called Quibbletown and then New Market. It became West Orange in 1868 after a vote by the residents of the town at that time, who wished to have their own post office. However, it wasn’t until 1890 when a street car (one with rails) connected it to Newark’s trolley system that the growth of West Orange really took off.

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The population grew significantly as industries moved into town around 1900 – including International Paper Company and Rosengarten Brothers’ Brewery which both went out of business long ago but still exist on Main Street today as private businesses.

The population of West Orange is over 45,000 people with a median household income of $92,702 as reported in 2013 by the US Census Bureau and it has about 23% minority residents. The crime rate for violent crimes is 49 per 1000 while that for property crimes is 127 per 1000 incidents according to statistics from 2016 – making this an average neighborhood for these two categories. In comparison, Newark’s rates are vastly different at 87 and 257 respectively – much higher than those in West Orange.

Today , West Orange is a suburban, middle-to-upper income town with tree lined blocks and large old homes. There are also many affordable newer housing developments which has brought the population of West Orange up to its current level.