History of Wyoma a Neighborhood in Lynn, MA

Wyoma is a neighborhood in the northeastern part of Lynn, Massachusetts. The area was mostly developed after 1958 and features many single family homes that were built between 1950-1965.

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As one can expect from a largely suburban development during this time period, most houses are on large lots with detached garages and use concrete construction methods. In total there are about 300 buildings in Wyoma though not all have been identified by name or street address.

In 1996 it became clear to city councilors that redevelopment of housing stock was needed for future generations as older structures weren’t meeting today’s standards such as being handicapped accessible or energy efficient. Subsequently, funds were allocated to improve property values through rehabbing residential properties throughout town which included projects in Wyoma.

Today, the neighborhood is a diverse area with many new families moving in. There are mixed income levels and people of various ethnicities living side by side. Though there may be more expensive homes being built in recent years, it’s important to note that this has also led to less crime due to increased police presence as well as better housing conditions overall thanks to improved insulation/energy efficiency standards and stricter requirements for contractors on site during construction projects.