Jacksonville Florida schools

Jacksonville Florida is perhaps the most populated and bustling city in all of Florida and is considered the largest city in the entire contiguous United States by total population, as well as the fifth largest city in Florida by a metropolitan area. It’s the seat of Duval County, which the state government consolidated into one jurisdiction in 1968. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida you will discover that Duval county is known for both being one of the richest counties in the United States and also being one of the most progressive and largest counties in the entire United States. The city of Jacksonville itself is located between Sarasota, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida. It also has a very prominent military presence, being home to the Naval Station Jacksonville and the Naval Air Station North Jacksonville.

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The cultural diversity in Jacksonville Florida is quite impressive. The city boasts many theaters, museums, parks and zoos and aquariums. Jacksonville has been called the cultural epicenter of the Southeast because of the diversity of its population. This has led to a steady increase in tourism over the years, which has led to jobs in Jacksonville and Duval County. There are many places to go in Jacksonville, Florida such as the Jacksonville Zoo, the Jacksonville Museum of Art, and the Jacksonville Zoo Park. There are many great Jacksonville, Florida hotels that are located in close proximity to the Jacksonville zoo, such as the Renaissance, the Dolphin, the Courtyard Jacksonville, and the Mandarin Oriental.

Jacksonville is also home to the Florida Aquarium, which is also one of the biggest aquariums in the entire world. This large aquarium is one of the few that can be viewed in person in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Zoo Park is one of the oldest parks in America and provides a great place for families and people who like to take pleasure in nature.

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