Landmarks in Englewood, NJ

One of the best known towns in New Jersey with historic landmarks is Englewood. This small town sits right in the heart of Monmouth County, about halfway between Atlantic City and New York City. The name of the town was given due to the fact that most of its early inhabitants were American Indians. Some of those early settlers were the descendants of pioneers who went north to find a safer haven in what was then called New Jersey. Today, many Native Americans live in Englewood, as well as many people of European descent, and many other ethnicities.

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While no one will deny that Englewood has lots of historical attractions, some locals seem to be more interested in tourism than anything else. For this reason, many of the older buildings in town have been torn down. Some of these are vacant structures that now serve as park benches. Others are vacant buildings that are being used as stores. And still others, like the old police station, are being renovated.

In the past few decades, however, Englewood has started to regain its former glory. There are now several historic gardens and parks that are being maintained and cared for by the local government in an effort to bring back some of the old European feel to the town. In addition, there are many different festivals that are held yearly. One of these is the New Jersey State Fair. The fair brings in a lot of tourist dollars for the town, and many of those dollars are spent on food, fun, and souvenirs.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone you know who is an avid gardener or who loves history, consider giving them an antique. Landmarks in Englewood New Jersey may be something as simple as a historical plaque or as large as an entire historic landmark that is being renovated. Many people also buy old plaques for their own homes. This adds to the community’s history and helps preserve the heritage of the town.

Landmarks in Englewood New Jersey also include historic plaques of great historic landmarks that have been removed from their location of origin. These can range from a house or apartment that has been torn down to the ground, to a street or bridge that is being renovated. While many people buy old plaques to remember their favorite pastimes or family members, some people also buy them to place in their own homes as a way to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Whether the landmark being purchased is to honor a family member or a beloved pet, the special meaning of the item comes through perfectly.

These landmarks are a great way to enjoy the rich history of Englewood New Jersey. When buying or selling a home, knowing about the history of an area is important because many of the older properties have more historical significance. In addition to historic plaques, tourists will also find many other tourist attractions around Englewood that are worth visiting.


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