Landmarks in Framingham, MA

If you are looking for Landmarks in Framingham, you are in luck. Framingham is an attractive city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in America. Incorporated in 17 1700, it is now part of Middlesex County and the Metro West subdivision of the Greater Boston area. This article will provide you with information about the many Landmarks in Framingham.

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The Courthouse is one of the oldest city attractions in the United States, dating back to the colonial era. Built in stone, it was originally designed by Christopher Wren. It is open to the public three times a day. You can visit at any time during the year. It is located on Washington Street between Walnut and Boylston streets. Parking is free.

Another Landmark in Framingham is the William Heath Davis House. This historic property was built in granite by the developer of what is now known as Framingham. It offers visitors breathtaking views of the waterfront and its bays. It also offers spectacular ocean views.

The Catherwood Heritage Center is another Landmark in Framingham that is worth visiting. This seven hundred-year-old building was designed by Thomas Lee. It has a nature center that features gardens and artifacts of local plants and animals. It also features a cafe, meeting rooms, museum, and restaurant. There is also a cafeteria.

The Crystal Lake State Park is also a Landmark in Framingham. It is thirty-one miles long and ten miles wide. It is near the town of Framingham. You will be able to take a hiking or biking trail through this amazing park.

One other Landmark in Framingham that should not be missed is the Christ Church Cathedral. Built in 1680, it features beautiful art and stained glass windows. This cathedral is the oldest active church in Massachusetts. You can see the stained glass window and a portrait of Christ during services. It is located on the site of an earlier church which was destroyed during a fire. You can also view the preserved wooden graves of those who were killed in that devastating fire.

A walk from the Cathedral to your home will allow you to take in the peaceful beauty of this older neighborhood. Many paths in this area lead to the many other historic sites as well. Take time to stop at the Framingham Museum. Here you will view many Native American artifacts. This museum is also a treasure trove of information about the Native Americans of the Americas.

Do not forget to stop at the Framingham Public Library. Here you will find great facts, maps, and history. You can also purchase books at the library. If you are in school, you should consider taking a course at the library. Many times there are programs available with this specific topic.

These are just a few of the many Landmarks in Framingham that you will want to see. These buildings are very unique in many ways. They all have something very interesting to offer. When you are looking for a vacation home in Massachusetts, you cannot go wrong with any of these properties. You will be delighted with your investment.


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