Landmarks in Lynn, MA

When you visit Lynn Massachusetts you will want to take the time to see all of the amazing Landmarks there are. There are over sixty Landmarks in the area. These Landmarks span across several counties in the state of Massachusetts. Some of the most common Landmarks in Lynn are:

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The Brain Mountains – These large rocks make up the Brain Mountains. This is a great walking area because it has the hiking, biking and nature trails. The trail makes a great hiking area because you can hike to the top of the Rock Mountains. The hiking paths in the area also include a great overlook of the entire Lynn River Valley. This gives you a chance to sit by one of the many waterfalls that border the mountains.

Emerson Place State Park – This park is located within the greater Boston city limits. You will find the park’s walking trails as well as playgrounds and nature areas. There are also many picnic tables and grills that you can take a meal and picnic under. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while taking in the hiking and bike trails found in the park. You can even rent a cabin for your honeymoon!

Buzzard Point Park – This park is located near Buzzard Point. This area is known for its history and treasure. This area is also a favorite among those who enjoy kayaking or other water sports. This area is located near many beaches and rivers, including the Lynn River.

Wollaston River State Park – This park is located near Wollaston River. The Wollaston River is a famous bathing beach for those living in the area. The Wollaston River State Park offers many outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, swimming, and fishing. There are also many walking trails and picnic areas that you will be able to take with you on your vacation. This park has many historical Landmarks as well.

Landmarks in Lewes are a wonderful attraction for visitors to explore. These local landmarks are known for their history and are still standing strong today. If you are looking for a place to go on vacation, you should consider these local spots. As you explore this community, you will discover many different historical Landmarks that you can visit.

Duxiana Village – This is a charming community in the center of Lewes. The village of Duxiana Village is located near some beautiful wooded areas. Here, you will find many different historic Landmarks as well as many fine restaurants. The Duxiana Village is also home to many fine hotels.

Folly Beach State Park – This park is located near the Folly Beach Shopping Center. Folly Beach is known for its annual Folly Beach Sale, one of the most popular holidays in East Sussex. The Folly Beach State Park has many different types of events that you can enjoy. You will find beauty at its best and many unique types of wildlife while visiting this area.

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