Little Italy a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

Little Italy is a neighborhood in Paterson, NJ. It’s about one square mile and runs along both sides of the Passaic River. The northern boundary is Washington Avenue, the eastern border is Broadway Street and Jackson Ave., while the southern edge includes Front St from Van Houten to Madison Streets.

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A small portion extends westward to include Lister Ave (just east of Halstead Street). Little Italy has always had strong Italian heritage with names like Bruschi, Agnello, Polizziano among others that are common in this part of town. There was also an influx during WWII when people were fleeing their native country for fear they would be persecuted by Mussolini’s fascism regime. Today most people who live in the neighborhood are of Italian descent and it is said to be one of the best places for pizza in New Jersey.