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One of the largest cities in Essex County and the tenth largest municipality in Massachusetts, Lynn MA is a busy place. Located on the northern part of Boston, just off of the Long Island Sound, 3.5 miles from the Boston city line, Lynn is actually part of Greater Boston’s metropolitan inner core. Situated in the center of Massachusetts’ state capital, Lynn MA was formerly a small fishing village with a population of about two thousand people. During the nineteenth century, it became a major city and was named after the local mayor. Today, it is a vibrant, thriving city of thirty-five thousand people. It is located on the outskirts of Boston and was once considered the “Paris of Massachusetts” because of its rich cultural history and historic architecture.

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As the city grew, it developed into a bustling metropolis with large, modern skyscrapers, shopping malls, and even small business centers. This transition between smaller scale town life and a large urban center brought economic prosperity to the area and attracted a variety of businesses. One of those businesses that has been able to make Lynn MA truly stand out in the crowded world of New England is the Lynn Golf Course. Established in 1970, the Lynn course was originally designed for a large number of people playing golf, but has now grown to be a popular tourist destination as well. Since it was first built, this four hundred acre property has had several renovations, including the addition of a five hundred and fifty thousand square foot golf course. Located within walking distance of downtown Boston, the golf course provides patrons a chance to not only enjoy a relaxing round of golf, but also experience all that the city of Lynn has to offer.

Many tourists come to the city of Lynn for the opportunity to experience a golf round on a large courses, but many come to this part of the country for the beautiful scenery and small towns located within walking distance of Boston. There is a good reason why so many people come to Lynn, a place which is considered to be a top tourist destination. It is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States and provides a chance for anyone to see the real essence of America while playing an activity that is enjoyed by thousands of other people every day. If you are looking for a great family getaway with a little bit of adventure, consider taking a trip to Lynn MA.

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