Maitland FL

Maitland is a city in Orange County, approximately 25 miles northwest of Orlando, on Interstate 95 at Exit 230. The population was 37,117 according to 2010 Census Bureau estimates.

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As one of seven designated hubs within Metro Orlando’s transportation network it has developed rapidly since 1990 as its community merged with those surrounding Maitlan Avenue which became known as “The Corridor.” Many national retailers have chosen Maitland for their regional offices or relocated their headquarters to the city.

It has two historic neighborhoods: Drexel Park (originally named after an orange grove) offers tree-lined streets with multi-generation families; Rosemont Historic District was once where citrus farmers settled before it’s development into suburban living communities by the late 1950s. It includes many varieties of buildings including vernacular homes, bungalows, and large estates.

Maitland is also home to a diverse community of people with different lifestyles including singles and couples without children; those seeking retirement living in condos or townhouses near golf courses; families that live in one-story houses on hillsides overlooking the city; as well as others who enjoy walking trails or lakeside parks.