Maitland Florida parks

Maitland Florida is an extremely affluent area of Orange County, Florida. The majority of Maitland citizens are employed professionals with a high school education or better. Maitland has been ranked as one of America’s Top 50 Cities for Diversity and was recently voted the “most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in America” by the American Institute of Architects. The city of Maitland, which is located on the north coast of Florida, has been growing at an annual rate of more than 40%. The largest percentage of Maitland residents live in the City of Orlando, the second largest in the State.

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Maitland’s population was 15,711 in the 2020 U.S. census. The town is also home to several colleges, including Baldwin Wallace University. The history of Maitland Florida is displayed at the Maitland Historical Museum. The City of Maitland boasts the tallest fountain in the State of Florida at Lake Maitland, a privately funded structure that provides an extraordinary view of Lake Maitland. Maitland was originally a small settlement called Bay Maitland on the shores of Lake Maitland. Later, it was incorporated and designated the City of Maitland.

Maitland Florida is considered to be a desirable place for anyone considering a new home or place to live. The City of Maitland offers everything that a person would want in a city; from an abundance of affordable homes to beautiful beaches and beautiful people. Maitland Florida is located in one of the best housing areas in Orange County, and is within minutes of Disney World, The International Space Station, the University of Florida and Mango Key, among other attractions. It is also within walking distance to Mango Key College.

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