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Malden MA is an amazing city in Middlesex county, Massachusetts, U.S. The population in Malden MA has grown over the past few decades due to the arrival of many new people from all over the world. Malden is located on a peninsula that separates Massachusetts and Rhode Island and has many beautiful beaches and attractions to draw tourists. In the recent year, Malden has been named as the “Top Travel Destination” by Bloomberg Businessweek

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The most popular attraction in Malden MA is the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. This is located at the heart of downtown and is known for its excellent service and location. Malden MA also has many shops, restaurants, and night life options. For many years, a Malden restaurant has been named as the best in America by the National Restaurant Association. This is the same restaurant that has hosted everyone from celebrities to the president of the United States to entertain. This is one of many great restaurants in Malden MA that have been featured in national television. Many people flock to Malden to enjoy all the famous restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, clubs, and entertainment that this city has to offer.

You can go shopping in Malden MA anytime during the week, even on weekends. The main shopping area of Malden MA is located at the intersection of Main and Oak streets. This is the central location of all shopping in Malden MA. There are many small stores selling local items and unique gifts that are just perfect for your next gift giving occasion. Shopping in Malden MA also offers visitors the opportunity to see a variety of historic buildings and historic sites in the area. It is a fun and exciting time to visit this area of the country.

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