Mapplewood a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

Mapplewood is an area in Malden, Massachusetts. It borders the southwest side of Weston and has a border with Stoneham on its northwest. The name Mapplewood comes from two words: “maple” as it was once known for being heavily forested; and “wood,” which refers to the land’s use before it became developed into residential neighborhoods.

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This neighborhood contains many strip malls but also much more natural areas than other parts of the city such as Common Ground Park (located at Central Street and Lyman Street) where people can enjoy walking paths that connect this park to Union Pond Reservation

Walking trails have been established throughout town, so residents are encouraged to get out for some fresh air by using the trails.

The neighborhood is mostly residential, with commercial areas towards the north end of Mapplewood Square and near Route 16 on Lyman Street.

In the 1920s, there was a proposal to build an airport in this area but it never became realized due to economic conditions at that time (approximately one hundred million dollars).