Newark New Jersey history

Newark New Jersey is located along the eastern shore of New York state, in a place that has been called “the Garden State”. The city was originally established in 1667 and has grown tremendously over the last several centuries. Founded by Dutch immigrants, the city grew in size and sophistication during the industrial revolution, making it the center of commerce and culture for the area. However, with the economic decline of America, the growth of this city slowed to a trickle. It was not until the early 1990’s that the real estate market in Newark began to boom again. This city has since then become one of the most desirable cities in all of the United States.

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One of the major reasons people want to move to Newark is the fact that it is an extremely safe city. Many of the murders and other violent crimes that are committed in many other cities across the country, simply do not happen here. Newark New Jersey has seen quite a few of these crimes, including murder, rape and arson. There is a high amount of violence in the city, but crime has also decreased considerably over the last few years. This is great news for residents of the city and those looking for a better quality of life. With more people moving to the city, and the growth of businesses in the area, it is expected that the crime rate will continue to decrease as the city develops.

While the cost of living in Newark New Jersey is higher than it is elsewhere in the country, it is still very affordable. If you are looking to live in a peaceful environment, and enjoy a nice income, then this is one city that can definitely deliver. It is also a good location for those who wish to relocate and live in a larger metropolitan area. However, if you are looking for a city where you are less likely to experience crime, and are a good fit for an investment property, then this is a great place for you to look at.

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