Newark New Jersey parks

Newark is a rapidly growing New Jersey city, located near Newark Liberty International airport. The Newark Museum contains a diverse collection of cultural artifacts and art from around the world. The Newark Museum houses the William M. Pickering House, one of America’s first presidential retreats. The New Jersey Performing Arts Centre (NJPAC), located at the former Paramount Theatre, presents numerous popular concerts, musical shows and dance performances. The Newark Museum features a wide array of collections on the history and culture of New Jersey. The Newark Museum houses more than 2.5 million artifacts of various periods of New Jersey’s history, many dating back centuries. The Museum’s extensive art collection includes many American paintings and sculptures, including the famous Newark Museum of Art.

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The Newark Museum has many exhibits and programming events for children and adults. It houses an interactive Learning Center for Children, an indoor/outdoor museum called the Gallery and a huge indoor playground with water slides, play kitchens and free games. The Museum’s main exhibit space is located on the second floor of the building. The Learning Center for Children features exhibits and interactive exhibits that engage and educate children. An outdoor portion of the gallery allows visitors to view exhibits and perform art activities in the cool shade of trees while watching live music. The Gallery includes an interactive display that allows visitors to see paintings and artifacts in their original setting. The large indoor playground includes large sized sand pits and multiple swings.

The Newark Museum’s collection of American antiques and collectibles is impressive and includes historic pieces. The Newark Museum of Art is home to the “Newark Artists’ Home” which is a showcase for new and emerging artists. The Museum also houses a number of state-of-the-art computers. The Newark Museum’s permanent collection features works by famous artists including Impressionists like Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Paul Durand-Ruel, and even a rare work by Thomas Moran, who is considered the father of modern American painting.

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