North Saugus a Neighborhood in Saugus, MA

North Saugus is a neighborhood in Saugus, MA. North Saugus has three distinct sections – the area west of Route One, between Route One and Main Street; the area east of Route One to Farrar Pond Road; and an island south of Salem Street near the intersection with Main Street. The north side also goes by other names such as Elmwood or “The Island” depending on where you are talking about.

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If we start at the western end (north) then there’s not much going on over here for new arrivals outside of some backyard barbecues during nice weather! But if you continue down this way towards downtown it gets more interesting fast because you’ll find stores like Barnes & Noble, and several restaurants like P.J.’s Pub and The North Saugus Cafe, as well as banks and a pharmacy.

North Saugus is home to many houses that are more than 100 years old, including the Ropes Mansion on Pond Street (pictured), which was constructed in 1872 by Amos Richardson for his family’s residence until his death in 1913. There have been few changes made over the past century but it still stands proudly overlooking Farrar Pond where generations of kids learned how to swim before swimming pools were invented!