Paterson New Jersey landmarks

Paterson New Jersey is a small town located at the foot of the Passaic River in the northern part of the state. Paterson was originally settled in the eighteenth century by a group of immigrants who wanted to escape the harsh conditions they had found in Europe. As the nineteenth century progressed, Paterson became a popular textile mill town that supplied woolen and cotton goods for export. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it became one of the leading sources of income for many of the immigrants coming to this area. During World War II, Paterson was devastated by the bombings and was spared from any major damage.

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Today, the city of Paterson has a population of around four thousand people. Most people who live in Paterson are middle class. They earn a living by owning stores, restaurants, hotels, etc., which employ many other people to do various jobs. The main businesses in Paterson include hospitals, shopping malls, banks, and many others. The city also has an active Jewish community and several cultural festivals, such as Jazzfest, the City Lights Festival, the annual Paterson Flea Market, etc. The New Jersey State Assembly and Senate are both located in Paterson.

The history of Paterson New Jersey can be traced back to the early days of settlement. This is a great place to start a family, since there are so many things to do. Some of the most popular historic places that you might want to visit in Paterson are the New Jersey State House, the Old Fort Washington on Manhattan Island, the George Washington Masonic Memorial, the U.S. Post Office, and the City Hall. The New Jersey State Museum is also an attraction and is housed in a restored eighteenth-century building.

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