Paterson New Jersey schools

The Paterson New Jersey Schools is an inclusive community educational system that serves students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in Paterson, New Jersey. There are two branches of the system that operate in parallel in an effort to provide the greatest opportunities for learning. The District One Schools serves all of Paterson and West Orange, NJ while the District Four Schools serves all of Paterson and all of West Orange, NJ. Both branches of the district to meet the New Jersey State Standards, and each branch has a board and a principal who meet regularly. Schools throughout both branches are held accountable by the Board of Education of the City and County of Paterson and the School District of West Orange, NJ. Schools are divided into grades and then into levels, with each level having one grade point average (GPA) required to be passed to graduate.

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The District One School District is the largest school district in Paterson and West Orange, NJ. It offers many different programs for students to complete, including after-school activities and sports programs, as well as individualized attention. The students in the district have access to tutors, guidance counselors, science labs, libraries, science centers, and athletic facilities. These programs are held on a regular basis and can be requested online. In addition to the after-school programs, students can take advantage of extracurricular activities in which they have the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and traditions. For example, some children may be able to join an athletic club or musical group, which allows them to explore their interests and learn about different forms of music. Students in this group may be able to meet their favorite sports team, watch sporting events, play video games, and develop leadership skills.

The District Four Schools provides a variety of services to students in Paterson and its surrounding areas. They offer the same educational programs offered by District One Schools and are held to a different set of standards. There are a number of programs that students can take advantage of, such as summer camps, computer science, and art classes. These programs allow students to gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to succeed in the competitive world of today’s economy.

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