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Quincy is an American suburb of Norfolk County, Massachusetts. It is located in Metro Boston as part of the metropolitan area and the fifth-largest city within the state. Its estimated population in 2020 was just under 92,000, making it just the third-largest town in the entire state. It has been home to many prominent figures throughout the history of the nation. These include the first president of the United States, George Washington; the second president, Thomas Jefferson; John Hancock, a Massachusetts senator; John Adams, a well-known Massachusetts politician; and Aaron Burr, a vice president of the United States.

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The town of Quincy is named after a river on which it is situated: Brattle Street. This street was named after Brattle, the founder of the colony on which the city was built, which was called Brattle Island. The main part of this area is an area called Old Town. This section was named by the townsmen as early as 1795, as an area that they would like to see turned into a shopping center. The area today is home to the Olde Towne Shops and Delicatessen. Olde Town is considering an important part of the community since it has some of the finest restaurants in Massachusetts.

In addition to the high number of people who live in Olde Town, Quincy also has a high percentage of single residents, with almost half of its population being single or married. Because of this, there are many single families living in this area. There are also many senior homes located in the Olde Town neighborhood, and many of these homes have swimming pools. The high population of singles is not always because of a lack of single men, however. There are often many single women who live in this area, which is one reason why many senior citizens are drawn to the area. The people who live in this area are some of the best qualified and educated in Massachusetts, and there are many professionals in this area. As well as the many professionals, there are also many people who live here because they love the place.

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