Quincy MA schools

Quincy Public Schools is an educational district that operates schools throughout Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, in the city of Quincy. The superintendent is Kevin W Mulvey, it serves a population of about 70,000, of which approx. 11% of the residents are children. The average student to teacher ratio is around twelve students per teacher, while the average class size is thirty-two. There are also six special education classrooms.

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The mission of the public schools of the district is to provide quality education for children who have disabilities and special needs. Most of the children in the district come from low-income families, but there are some who come from upper-middle class families. Many of these families are also immigrants and many are students at the local high school. The students include students who come from different cultures, but the majority of the students come from middle class backgrounds. Some of the students come from the local ethnic minority groups as well. This is a very diverse population.

The mission of the educational system of the public schools is to give the children who attend them the same quality education they would receive if they attended a private or parochial school. This means that the children get the same type of teaching and learning environment that their peers who attend private or parochial schools receive. The schools also strive to offer the best possible learning experience so that all students are ready to go home when they graduate from school. The students are given the opportunity to take the tests that will determine if they have the necessary skills to earn a high school diploma or not. Once they earn a diploma, they must fulfill a state-mandated work release requirement. Most of the students live in the community surrounding the schools. They spend most of their days on the playground, the playgrounds and the sidewalks, as well as at other places in the city.

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