Reasons why There are Automobile Accidents With a Broken Windshield


There are many reasons why it is important to have your windshield replaced after an accident. Some of the most common accidents that can cause a broken windshield include:

– Falling Objects – This may be caused by large debris falling from nearby trees or buildings, as well as objects being thrown through windows, such as stones and other items during road rage incidents. If something gets stuck between your window and door frame when you close them , this could also crack your glass.

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– Vehicular Accidents – These can happen when you are involved in a collision, or if another vehicle smashes into your car. Although the windshield is designed to help protect passengers from flying debris and other hazards on the road during an accident, it could shatter under pressure instead of breaking apart smoothly . This means that sharp pieces of glass may fly up at drivers and passengers, causing injuries. If there has been previous damage to your windshield due to accidents over time , then this will greatly increase the chance that it will break upon impact once again after being hit by something else while driving.

Windshield Replacement Cost: $200-$500

– Outdoor Hazards – Falling ice, hail or branches can all cause damage to your car’s windshield. Although the glass may appear unbroken after these incidents, it is still necessary to have a professional examine it because there could be internal damage that you cannot see.

– Vandalism – This includes someone intentionally throwing something at your vehicle or shooting into it with an object such as a BB gun . If this happens often enough, then each time will put more pressure on the glass and increase the chance of cracking under high speeds when traveling down roads. For example if you were driving 60 miles per hour , hitting a rock would only take about one second for it to hit your window where as if you were going 30 miles per

hour it would take about two seconds.

– Debris on the Road – This can come in many different forms, such as rocks , broken glass and nails . If you run over any of these items while driving at high speeds then your windshield could get damaged because they are harder to avoid when speeding down roads compared to if you were slower or stopped.

Windshield Replacement Cost: $200-$500

If a rock flies up from another vehicle or gets kicked up by passing tires onto your windscreen, this may cause a crack that will only become worse with time . Once one piece breaks off inside of it due to pressure from something else striking against it while moving, there is nothing stopping anything else from doing the same thing until all of the glass has shattered.

Windshield Replacement Cost: $200-$500

Additionally, if your windshield is severely damaged in any way , it can be a serious safety hazard for you and other people on the road. It may not seem like much at first, but even cracks that are small or hard to see clearly could make driving difficult because of how they affect your vision when looking through them.

For example, sometimes cracks will run across the path where light travels into your vehicle . This makes it more difficult to drive when there are bright lights shining behind you during night time hours or sunlight directly in front of you while trying to look ahead towards upcoming parts of the road during day time conditions.

If someone were to hit their brakes suddenly without warning then this means that anything in front of your windshield that would cause you to be unable to stop in time , such as a person or animal crossing the road, could become harder for you to avoid.

If this is not fixed immediately then it becomes more likely that other pieces will break off after each additional impact event happens. This means that if someone were driving around 60 miles per hour and had their windshield broken by something else striking against it while moving at high speeds , hitting another large object with enough force during an accident could result in them being ejected from inside of their vehicle through its windshield .

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