Reasons Why You Should Avoid Driving Your Vehicle If it Has a Cracked Windscreen

Your vehicle’s windscreen is the window that you see through. It is a delicate part of your vehicle and needs to be repaired quickly if it is damaged. The crack you see could potentially be very small or large depending on the size of the crack. Small cracks are easily repairable and there will be no noticeable damage. Larger cracks may mean that you have to replace your windscreen altogether.

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Windscreens do not usually break until they become too weak. When a driver is travelling at 70 miles per hour or above, the wind can often crack the windscreen. This can happen due to flying objects striking the vehicle and scraping against it. This will often result in small chips which can be repaired quickly. Smaller chips can be repaired by a trained automotive technician.


Many vehicles do not come with a windscreen so if yours does become damaged then it is essential to ensure you get it repaired as soon as possible. The reason why you should get the windscreen repaired as soon as possible is because the impact of the road collision could cause it to break. If this occurs, you risk the safety of other motorists. Damaged windscreens can also increase the risk of getting a traffic ticket because if you are travelling over a certain speed, it is compulsory that you keep your windscreen in good condition.


One of the first things to check when you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen is whether or not the damage is visible. The best way to check is by shining a bright torch into the windscreen from inside the car. If you can see a glow, this means that the crack is not noticeable. However, if there is just a little bit of light and it is not very clear then you should probably consider repairing the chip. If you have got to the point where you can clearly see the crack then you can decide whether or not to take action and get your vehicle repaired.


Cracks and chips can also cause other problems such as the windscreen becoming foggy. This makes it difficult to see other road users, especially when it is foggy outside. It is especially important to ensure that your fog lights work correctly during driving so that other road users can see you. Driving without any fog lights is extremely dangerous and if you get pulled over for not having them fitted, you may be taken to court.


Although small cracks in windscreens are easy to repair, if you have had them for a long time then they could have affected the way the windscreen works. If you have a chip or crack in your windscreen that affects how the windscreen works, then you should consider getting your vehicle repaired straight away. Chips and cracks that are left untreated for too long will start to cause obstructions to the flow of air into and out of your vehicle’s windscreen. These obstructions can then lead to the windscreen becoming less effective and more susceptible to being broken or coming off.


Windscreen damage can also cause your vehicle to be stolen. Windshields are made from toughened safety glass that is reinforced with Kevlar to provide added strength. Whenever vehicles are left sitting on the road, they are at the risk of being stolen due to the visibility of the windscreen cracks. Even if the windshield was not stolen, other parts of your vehicle could be. As such, it is vital that you have your vehicle serviced and checked for cracks and chips on a regular basis.


The importance of ensuring that you drive your vehicle safely cannot be emphasised enough. You should always make sure that you spot any potential defects before travelling on the roads. If you notice a small chip or crack on the windscreen, you should take action immediately. Small cracks can easily be repaired but if you have a larger crack, you should advise the professionals about your plans immediately so that they can treat and repair the area accordingly. Remember that if you have a damaged windscreen you should never drive your vehicle on the roads. Not only can the cost of repairing the vehicle be expensive, but you could end up costing your motor insurance company a large amount of money in the future.

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