San Marco a Neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL

The San Marco neighborhood in Jacksonville FL is located just south of downtown. It’s a popular place to live and for people who work near the area, as it has access to many great restaurants, bars, parks and shopping centers. The residents are very active with community events like charity fundraisers or block parties where they bring out tables covered with food from their favorite local restaurant.

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Developers have been quickly building new homes on vacant land throughout this part of town in order to meet demand from homeowners looking for an affordable home close enough to walkable areas but not too close so that parents don’t need a car if they want their children walk or bike safely around town when school lets out at daycare/preschools end afternoons.

The area is home to many of the city’s top-notch private and public schools, including those who specialize in upper level learning for students with special needs or who excel academically early on. The San Marco neighborhood was originally designed by Charles Goodman as a planned community back in 1909 along with John Nolen, another prominent architect at the time. It contains large wooded areas such as Lake Pearl Park which offers plenty of space for children to run around and play during warmer months so that they can stay active while having a good time outdoors.