Sarasota Florida landmarks

Sarasota Florida is a small city north of Tampa Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast, long considered by many as the “capital of the sunbelt”. Today, it houses a number of cultural institutions, especially the Ringling Brothers Museum of Art, a museum showcasing modern and old master art. It is also the gateway into miles of beautiful beaches, including Lido Beach in Sarasota and Siesta Key in Sarasota Beach, and other beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast. The area’s rich culture and natural beauty attract tourists from across the country and the world and with that come a number of Sarasota attractions, including museums, theaters, museums, parks, and more. Below are just a few of Sarasota’s most popular attractions and why you should be there, no matter where you are headed.

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The Ringling Brothers’ Museum and Barn, located near the Sarasota waterfront, is home to the museum’s collection of some of the world’s greatest collections of circus memorabilia. Here, you will find everything from animal masks, to clown suits, to costumes from famous shows like King of the Hill, and even costumes from the Ringling Family Circus, which tours through Sarasota each year. The Barn has an exhibit area where you can see live animals in their natural habitat as well as exhibits on circus history and on how to care for these animals. You will also find information on the different shows that have been performed at the barn over the years, both locally and internationally. This is one of Sarasota’s most popular tourist attractions, and a must-see for any visitor who visits the area.

Another fun thing to do while visiting the Ringling brothers’ Museum and Barn is to go on a tour of the circus itself! During the summer months, you will find a variety of shows taking place around the area that feature all of the best performers from past shows, as well as some of the current ones, and some of the best clowns, magicians, and entertainers from the world. This is a great way to get up close and personal with this wonderful tradition and this exciting pastime, which dates back hundreds of years. to the early circus performers of the American colonies. You can also enjoy a great tour of some of the grounds of the circus itself, which you may find to be quite fascinating. if you do some research on the subject.

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