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Saugus MA is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, located on the eastern border of the city of Medford. It is the home of Harvard University and it’s close proximity to Boston and the Rhode Island School of Design makes it one of the most desirable cities in Massachusetts. Saugus MA has one of the oldest active theaters in the United States located in a historic brownstone building that was built during the 1800s. The Saugus Playhouse Theatre was founded by a man named Peter Cushing, who was the brother of the legendary Harryhausen. The building is one of the most famous historical buildings in America and it is known throughout the country as a great theater and historic site. Today the building is one of the few buildings still standing that was constructed during the Gothic period of architecture. There are also many other buildings from this era that still stand today, including the Albee House.

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In the city of Saugus, there are several important historical buildings that have been preserved and have been renovated over the years. The Old South Meeting House, which is known as the first state house of the colony of Massachusetts, is located downtown in Saugus. It was the home of the governor and first governor of Massachusetts and was a popular place to visit for locals and tourists alike. The Old South Meeting House is also the birthplace of the Saugus Memorial Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in Massachusetts.

Other historical buildings in Saugus include the Old Town Hall, which is also located in downtown Saugus. The city of Saugus also has a history of being a cultural hub and is home to a variety of artists and performers. The most well-known artist to work in Saugus MA is the author Mark Twain, who made his home in Saugus in 1875. Other notable artists include the poet Emily Dickinson, and the artist Andy Warhol.

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