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South Hamilton Massachusetts is in the South Central part of the state. It is not a community or town, but rather a postal address given to ZIP code 00986 by the Postal Service. It is completely different from that of the city of Hamilton, Essex County, and is completely indistinguishable physically from that of the city of Hamilton. This means that all mail sent to this location will need to be addressed to either this post office or to the postmaster at the Hamilton Post Office. The USPS only has a single building in the area of South Hamilton and the postmaster is responsible for making sure that all mail goes there.

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There are several ways to get to this post office including bus service, taxis, and driving yourself. Bus service is the easiest method for getting around since it will take you directly to the office and the only other way to get there is by driving your car. Taxis are another good option for getting around, but they can get pricey and it may be difficult to find one that is within the area where you live. Driving yourself is probably the best way for anyone who lives in the South Central part of the state. These are often inexpensive rentals and can be picked up at the post office on the date that you want delivered.

If you have an address outside of Hamilton and you want to send mail to that address, you will need to use your own vehicle to make your way to the Hamilton Post Office. However, if you are a resident of the city of Hamilton then you should be able to get there fairly easily by any of the transportation methods mentioned above. The most important thing is that you address the mail to the postmaster at the Hamilton Post Office so that it gets delivered to the correct address.

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