The Highlands a Neighborhood in Waltham, MA

The Highlands is a neighborhood in Waltham MA that lies on the intersection of Main Street and Prospect Avenue. While this location may not be as desirable as others due to its proximity to major roads, it does have some significant advantages such as being close to many restaurants and shops.

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If you’re looking for an affordable place with good access to nearby amenities, The Highlands might just be your ideal spot. Located near Route 128, it’s also just minutes from Boston by car or public transportation.

People who live here say they love how friendly the neighbors are and like how well-connected their homes are with each other. With quiet streets which make walks pleasant–especially when the sun goes down–and a sense of community among neighbors, The Highlands is a popular spot for those looking to live in the heart of Waltham.

The average cost of rent here will fluctuate depending on what amenities you’re willing to compromise on, but most residents find they are satisfied with their decision when it comes time for renewal. As long as you can afford housing prices and don’t mind being near heavy traffic or waiting thirty minutes at rush hour before getting onto Route 128, this neighborhood may be just right for you.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an area where your living space won’t break the bank while still giving access to desirable locations like restaurants and public transportation, consider renting in the Highlands neighborhood of Waltham MA!