The History of Windshield Replacement

The history of windshield replacement is a fascinating one. As early as 17th century, the first windshields were made from toughened glass. The windshield then underwent several changes and improvements, until finally it reached its present form. This is when the windshield came into use and became popular.

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The windshields are made up of several layers of glass that cover the view and provide protection to the occupants of a vehicle. In fact, these windshields protect a motorist from stray, wind-borne fragments as well as dust particles. The windshield is also made up of a thin film called the anti-fog layer. This layer helps to reduce condensation, which is what often happens to the windshield in the rain.


There are several reasons why windshield replacement may be needed. It may occur due to an accident, or it can happen due to age. Either way, the windshield is quite a big investment, and if it starts to look really worn out, there is no point in keeping it on. The windshield’s structure is actually held together by a series of cemented joints, held tightly by the glass. If the joint gets damaged, then all the glass in the windshield gets affected, making the windshield break down completely.


Though the windshield replacement process is very complicated, it can be done by almost any car owner who knows how to use instruments like a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The entire process is not covered under insurance, but most of the time the problem can get fixed for only a few dollars. However, if it turns out to be a more serious problem, then you would have to call in the professionals.


The history of windshield replacement can also throw some light on how the glass is made. The process goes back to the ancient times when Greeks and Indians invented different ways to strengthen the glass. The first methods were more like crude attempts to make the windshield stronger and easier to use. Later on, different engineers tried to improve on the early methods and make the windshield more durable. Over the years, various materials were developed for replacement, but the glass still remained hard and thick.


The best way to understand the history of windshield replacement is to learn what the glass used in the past looked like. The original glass was made from something like silica. Silica is a type of silicon mineral, which is usually associated with high quality plastic. As the glass was developed, it started to be painted with colors, just like the plastic windshields we know today. However, as the century wore on, the glass started to become thinner and softer, until it finally became glass in its purest form.


Today, the most common material for replacing windshields is fiberglass. This is because it is very strong, lightweight and resistant to a lot of impacts. Unfortunately, fiberglass also has a tendency to crack at the edges, which is why it is not used in every single case. Even though the cracking does not take place in all situations, it still causes a great deal of inconvenience and expense to the owners, who must replace the entire windshield, not just some of its parts.


The history of windshield replacement can be somewhat boring, but knowing the history of windshields can help you decide whether it is worth the expense to replace your windshield. If you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, it may be time to go back to the store and buy a new one. Remember, though, that even if you do not need a new one right away, you can always have them replaced later on. Just make sure that you get to learn the history of glass replacement before you make your final decision.

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