Things to do in Eastside a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

Eastside is a neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey. Eastside was once an industrial hub and home to many factories that provided employment for generations of residents until the late 20th century when industry began leaving the area.

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It has now become one of Paterson’s most diverse neighborhoods with mixed-use residential housing developments among old warehouses converted into lofts.

Developers have begun converting abandoned buildings into residences including apartments and condominiums as well as commercial spaces such as office space or restaurants.

The oldest building on this street corner dates back to 1884: it used to be a factory but today it houses art studios, performance venues, galleries and other businesses.A popular place for people to gather is the intersection of Eastside and Van Houten Streets: at one time it was a hub for travel, but today it’s where people buy produce from local farmers or take photographs.