Things to do in Edgeworth a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

-Go for a walk on the paved path around the perimeter of Edgeworth Memorial Park. You can also enjoy an ice cream while you’re there!

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-Hike to High Rock Tower, located in one of Malden’s gorgeous parks. The tower is usually open and offers views from all four sides if it isn’t cloudy or foggy. Be sure to stay until sunset because the light at this time is really stunning!

-Visit some nearby museums like Museum Lataaib ̣aan (which has exhibits about Islamic culture) or Portside Arts Center (home to visual artists’ exhibitions). In addition, see what events are coming up at these places by checking out their websites and social media pages.

-Take a walk on the beach at Lynn Beach, which is only about 15 minutes away from Edgeworth. You can even bring your dog with you!

-Enjoy a meal or coffee in one of Malden’s neighborhood cafes like Palazzo Coffee House and Cafe (with pastries) or Mango Tree Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe for some delicious Phở soup!