Things to do in Faulkner a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

Faulkner is a lovely neighborhood in Malden, MA. It’s known for its rich history and spectacular homes. If you’re looking to buy a home in the area or just want to explore this beautiful part of town, there are plenty of things happen here that will keep you busy!

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The Faulkner Park is one of the best places in the city for people who love spending time outdoors with their family and friends during all seasons of the year. The park has something fun going on nearly every day throughout each season from arts & crafts workshops to live music events. Planning your visit ahead can be tricky since so many different types of activities take place at any given time, but no matter when you come out to enjoy the park, you can be sure that it will have plenty of beautiful flowers in bloom!

For those who enjoy more leisurely activities like reading a good book under the shade of an old oak tree or playing with their dog on one of the many trails around town, Faulkner has what you’re looking for. It’s easy to get lost among all of the lovely homes and quaint neighborhoods here as well since there is so much green space and natural beauty found throughout this part of Malden MA. There are also several different parks located nearby including Forsyth Park which features Bostonian water fountains designed by John Cady and is home to some beautiful gardens too!