Things to do in Ironbound a Neighborhood in Newark, NJ

-The Portuguese food is great in Ironbound! Some of the most popular restaurants are Rodizio Grill and Marisqueira Vitoriana. The Brazilian churrasco steak house, Churrascaria Rico’s features a rodízio de carne where you can get your fill with skewered meats that are cooked to perfection each time they come around the table. There’s also an option for vegetarian options or seafood dishes if meat isn’t your thing!

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-So maybe you’re not hungry yet but what about thirsty? If so, stop by Newark Wine Co on Lafayette Street. You’ll find some excellent wines as well as craft beers from both local breweries and others from across America and even Europe.

-What about some culture? Ironbound is a place with history. In fact, the area has been home to immigrants for centuries and that means there are plenty of cultural establishments. One of them being the Casa das Rosas Museum which celebrates Portuguese art through exhibitions as well as classes in both English and Portuguese! You’ll also find other museums such as The Newark Museum featuring world cultures or The National Czech & Slovak Museum presenting artifacts from Central Europe.

This list goes on – so if you’re ever in Ironbound be sure to stop by one of these locations mentioned above! If not they then make your way across town where you’ll find more than enough things to do including restaurants, bars, shops, galleries…