Things to do in Little Lima a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

Little Lima is one of the best neighborhoods in Paterson NJ. It has all the essentials that make it a great place to live. The people here are nice and we’re always happy to see new faces on our streets! Here’s why:

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-There are plenty of places you can go for food including your favorite Mexican restaurant, Chinese takeout, or even a diner with an old school vibe -No matter what time of day, there will be somewhere open (and good) nearby -A walk around Little Lima is like going through different decades as you pass by buildings from 1900s up until today’s latest construction projects —Residents have been planting trees since they started this neighborhood which makes it feel green and welcoming Trees.

-Plenty of food, attractions, and a close proximity to NYC make this neighborhood perfect for anyone looking to live in the Tri-State Area .