Things to do in North Saugus a Neighborhood in Saugus, MA

North Saugus is a neighborhood in the town of Saugus, Massachusetts. It has no formal borders and includes parts of Lynnfield which lies north of Route 60 ̶ this area by some local residents is considered to be part of North Saugus, while other locals may consider it as separate from North Saugus. The historic village center for the namesake community can be found at Cole Square on Essex Street (Route 113), where there are also shops and restaurants.

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The remaining areas are surrounded by forestland or wetlands and include several small ponds that attract many migratory waterfowl during certain seasons such as wintertime when large numbers migrate south from Canada or Greenland after over-wintering those places. There is one small business district in North Saugus, on Massachusetts Avenue.

North Saugus is home to a fair number of animals such as rabbits, frogs and turtles which live near wetlands or ponds. There are also many deer that roam the area; some residents have reported sightings of coyotes more frequently than before in recent years. However there are no cougars present as they were extirpated from this region decades ago by hunting and trapping programs carried out for several decades during the late 1800s through early 1900s ̶ reducing their numbers locally to just a few transient individuals with occasional reports in neighboring towns instead.