Things to do in Pondview a Neighborhood in Framingham MA.

Pondview is a mix of single-family residences, townhouses and apartments. It borders the Northborough section of Framingham MA to the south.

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The community has two ponds for fishing and ice skating in the winter time. Residents enjoy walking along their nature trails or spending an afternoon at one of Pondview’s many parks with friends and family members. There are plenty of kids playing on playground equipment or running around various open spaces that have been put out there by local families who wanted some green space for themselves but also wanted to share it with others in this tight knit neighborhood!

The Pondview section of Framingham MA is a popular neighborhood for families. It’s affordable housing and plenty of open space make it an ideal place to bring up kids! There are several parks, two ponds that you can fish in or skate on during the winter months and its proximity to Northborough makes this area perfect for commuters who work in nearby towns.