Things to do in Rainbow Groves a Neighborhood in Fort Myers, FL

-The Rainbow Groves Community Association hosts community events like farmer’s markets, holiday celebrations and more.

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-Nearby is Fort Myers Beach where there are great restaurants to choose from as well as plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. -Turtle Hospital: The Turtle Hospital treats sick turtles in an effort to save them and get them back into the wild again. Staff members at the hospital help rehabilitate injured sea turtles that might have been hit by a boat or entangled with fishing equipment before releasing them back  into the wild.

-Lee County Public Library: You can find all sorts of resources at Lee County Public Library, including books and DVDs that you might not be able to get anywhere else in Fort Myers FL. There are also computers for public use as well as Wi-Fi so people don’t have to worry about paying expensive data fees on their cell phone plans while they’re doing research or applying for jobs online.