Things to do in Stoney Road a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

Stoney Road is a neighborhood in Paterson NJ. It has many affordable homes and apartments, low crime rates and an excellent public school system for those looking to buy or rent. If you are considering buying or renting here there are few things that we think will help:

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* The biggest pro of living on Stoney Rd is the strong sense of community! Neighbors know each other by name and they take care of one another- whether it’s watching your house while you’re out running errands or making sure kids get home from school safely when no car is available. You’ll feel safe walking around even at night as most people have porch lights on all through the year (even in winter!).

* There are plenty restaurants and places to buy fresh produce nearby. We love the Farmer’s Market down by the train tracks on Saturdays!

* Looking for a quick way out of town? The bus stop is only a block away and you can catch it on Route 80 West just five minutes from your front door.

The best part about this neighborhood are all the community events that happen- there really is something for everyone! Whether it’s hosting an annual Easter Egg Hunt, or taking care of our neighbors’ properties when they’re gone – we do whatever we can to make sure everybody has what they need.”