Things to do Metro West a Neighborhood in Orlando, FL

You’ve heard it before. Orlando is a great place to live. But if you are like most people, you want more information about the neighborhoods in which we operate and their proximity to schools, parks, amenities and public transportation. So here’s our breakdown of some popular areas near downtown Orlando:

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-Metro West is located between Semoran Boulevard on the south end and Colonial Drive on the north end with Orange Avenue as its eastern border running from east to west. It contains both residential housing stock for sale or rent and commercial properties such as office buildings, strip malls, restaurants etc. The area has seen steady growth over recent years due largely to new construction projects since 2010 that have brought an influx of businesses into this part of town but has also seen a rise in new residential living. It is bounded on the north by Palm Road and south by Colonial Drive

-College Park is an area with both retail and commercial developments, which includes restaurants, bars, coffee shops etc. The area has been experiencing rapid growth over recent years due to its prime location near several high schools as well as being close to downtown Orlando. College Park borders University of Central Florida’s main campus on Alafaya Trail on the east side while Ivey Lane forms it western border.