Things to Know Before Replacing your Windshield

Your windshield is the most important part of your vehicle. It protects you from the harsh weather conditions, and even if it does get cracked or broken, can save your life in case of an accident. If there are any cracks that have reached ¼ inch in length then it might be time for a new one. Cracks over ½ inch could pose safety issues so they should not be ignored either. Another sign is seeing more than three chips on your windshield because these could also lead to bigger problems down the road like having water leak into the cabin during rain storms. Lastly, pebbles striking at high speeds against window glass cause thousands of tiny stress fractures that over time, could cause a major break.

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Not only do you want to get your windshield replaced before it cracks further, but also damaged areas can spread over time and lead to more costly repairs. Windshield replacement is a complicated process that can become very expensive if it needs special equipment or the glass itself has been damaged as well.

You have many choices when selecting a windshield for your vehicle and there are several types of materials used in their production, which include:

·          Acrylic – This type of plastic is shatter-resistant and a great alternative to glass because it does not require additional support but will still hold up against wind pressure during high speeds. It also provides excellent heat insulation unlike traditional plastics do. However, this form of plastic will deteriorate from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light so should be replaced every few years.

·          Polyate – A material that was developed to replace glass, this windshield is made from a combination of plastic and glass fibers to yield better strength than either would have on their own. This material has the benefit of being virtually unbreakable but also needs special equipment for replacement so it can be an expensive choice too.

·          Glass – The most common type used in vehicles today because it offers superior transparency when compared to other materials. However, not all types are created equal as there are ones that may appear crystal clear while others will give drivers a hazy view depending upon how they were manufactured during production processes. Also, thicker layers of glass offer more protection while the thinner versions allow the heat inside or out which makes them harder to defrost especially during colder weather conditions . In some cases, it may be necessary to have more than one layer of glass installed into the windshield but this will depend on the type used.

·          High-performance Glass – Also known as safety or impact resistant glass, these types are typically made with a combination of plastics and other ingredients that make them stronger so they can withstand greater pressure without shattering which offers drivers added protection in case an accident occurs. Plus, many high-performance glasses offer special coatings like scratch resistance , UV inhibition (which prevents ultraviolet damage) and sometimes even privacy features . It is important to note that most states now require manufacturers to cover their automobile’s front end with at least ¼ inch thick laminated safety glass for better driver visibility during accidents; however some vehicles are rated with up to ½ inch of protection.

When shopping for new windshields, there are several features you should look out for including:

·          Safety Rating – The three different safety ratings consist of Good , Better and Best . You can typically find them on the same sticker located near the edge of your existing glass so it is important to know what they mean before replacing any shattered or damaged pieces. A good rating means that car manufacturers rate these types as meeting all federal minimum standards when installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications; a better rating offers additional resistance during accidents like having extra strength layers while best ones offer more than ¼ inch thick laminated lamination which makes them ideal if you plan on daily driving your vehicle over long distances.

·          Impact Resistance – This is determined by the equipment used during production to keep more fragile windshields from shattering upon impact which can pose a danger of flying debris for drivers and passengers if they’re not installed properly. For instance, laminated glass offers better protection than tempered or toughened types because it has multiple layers that are bonded together with adhesive . However, some states now require manufacturers to use stronger materials like safety glass rather than traditional clear versions in order to provide car owners added security while driving on roads. If you have any questions about what type will work best for your vehicle then please contact a dealer near you who can help answer them as well as replace broken pieces quickly before occupants sustain injuries due to shattered windows after crashes.

·          Windshield Replacement Cost – This is usually much more expensive than other types of glass due to the multiple materials needed for production coupled with additional labor costs associated when working on especially complicated windshields like ones that have been previously damaged . In most cases, it will be a good idea to replace a shattered or chipped window as soon as possible in order to prevent cracks from spreading further into the material which could allow wind and rain inside while also endangering drivers who travel at high speeds without proper protection.


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