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Totowa is an Essex County town in Passaic County, NJ, United States of America. As of 2020 census, the population of Totowa Borough was ten thousand, representing a growth of 912 over the 9,892 enumerated in the last decade, that has in turn dropped by 285 from the tenth thousand counted ten years earlier. This makes Totowa one of the fastest growing towns in Essex County. Its economic success is the result of its position as a crossroads between New York City and Newark, New Jersey.

The population of Totowa has been consistently rising since the 1930s, and today, it ranks fourth in its city in terms of population and fifth in its metropolitan area. The town of Totowa itself has a population of two thousand five hundred and seventy, of which more than a thousand live in its downtown business district. The remainder live in housing developments along the River Road and on the waterfront. The downtown area is home to shops and commercial establishments such as banks, restaurants, and many other businesses such as the famous Totowa Lake Park. In the area of Downtown Totowa, residents can find many businesses such as restaurants, shops, and restaurants.

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Today, the most notable landmarks and places of interest in Totowa are the town hall and the police department. Aside from these, the town’s shopping malls include the Roxy Broadway Mall and the Roxy Cinema. In the past, many people have considered Totowa to be a quaint little fishing community. However, with its rapid growth and development, the town’s name has been changed to reflect a more modern outlook. Its downtown area is home to many businesses that cater to a more upscale sector of customers. The town of Totowa has been a leading candidate for a prestigious award for being one of the best towns in New Jersey for the last three years, thanks to the town’s excellent service, excellent schools and excellent business environment.

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