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Waltham MA is located on the East Coast of Massachusetts in the state of Massachusetts. It is the seat of government for the district of Waltham. Waltham was established during colonial times and was a significant center for early labor organizing and a major player in the American Industrial revolution. During the nineteenth century the area was the main manufacturing center of the state. Today it is home to many businesses and colleges that are located in and around the downtown area.

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There is so much to see in Waltham and it is important to explore a good deal of it before settling in. If you like to shop, then Waltham has a lot to offer. They have a large number of shopping malls and retail stores. If you love history then you should look at the Historical Society of Waltham. They will give you a history lesson about the area as a whole. And if you are looking for some great museums, the New England Historical Society is definitely worth checking into.

Waltham has some amazing restaurants to visit as well. The New England Culinary School and the Cambridge Restaurant & Kitchen are two of the most popular dining locations. If you enjoy fine dining, then you need to look at Waltham dining establishments such as the Waltham Village Pub, the St. Paul’s Restaurant, the Waltham Restaurant, and the Waltham House Restaurant. The restaurant you choose should be based around your personality style and needs. You may also find you want to stay there when you are visiting the area. This is what makes Waltham a great place to live.

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